MIFARE® DESFire® Encryption

HUAYUAN MIFARE® DESFire® tags are card or keyfob or wristband with multi-application capabilities and high security features enabled by MIFARE DESFire technology. We provide DESFire tags also encoded to your system requirement and save your time.


RFID Apparel Tag

As a 9-year-Asia partner of AVERY DENNSION, HUAYUAN has billions of brand BeeTag RFID Apparel Tags production experiences. Each Apparel Tag has an unique ID and can stores user data for more efficient management. We can provide various designs for applications based on your requirements.


RFID Glass Tag

RFID Animal Glass Tags implanted subcutaneously perform reliably over the long term, minimizing the potential for errors or traumatic tag removal and replacement. Multifarious sizes are offered to fit any animals, from fish and small mammals to cats, dogs and horses.


RAIN MiGHTAG Wristband

HUAYUAN RAIN MiGHTAG Wristband, solves UHF Gen2 Wristband long read range problem perfectly. The read distance up to 7m after be wore on human wrist.


EMV Silicone Wristband

EMV Silicone Wristband was designed with a pocket to be inserted in wearable devices (mini tag). It is an ideal solution offering all the functionalities of an EMV contactless card but in a range of innovative and fun formats. The style could be customized depends on your design.


RFID Blocking Card

RFID blocking card is specially designed to protect them from information disclosure by NFC mobile phone or RFD/NFC reader equipment which is very powerful and high secure. HUAYUAN has three type of blocking card: Chip blocking card, Module blocking card & Normal blocking card.


Exciting Your Business, With RFID Technique Updated

There is no doubt, the RFID technology expands to every corner of the world recently as a sign of the era of big data. As a player in digital data media, HUAYUAN solutions & products could help your products and market expanding with the technology.

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