Monthly Archives: January 2020

RFID Label Tag for Sports

Sports & Entertainment RFID combined RFID technology brings great convenience for sports and entertainment applications. RFID entrance tickets are showing in more and more situations covering global sports events and entertainment parks nowadays. Therefore, the Sports and the leisure RFID solution has been attached more importance by the public. A major goal of every sports […]

Waste Management RFID Waste Bin Tags

RFID Waste Management disposal is constantly increased for many reasons: increasing wealth (the more you buy the more you’ll dispose), increasing population, increasing urbanization and lifestyle change, just to cite some, causing serious problems to the environment. On the other hand, waste can be a valuable resource if addressed correctly with consistent waste management practices. […]

RFID Tag for Library Management

RFID Tags and readers are the latest technology to be used in library application. Different from traditional EM (Electro-Mechanical) and RF (Radio Frequency) systems, which have been used in libraries for decades, RFID based systems provide more security and efficient for the tracking of materials throughout the library, including easier and faster Check-in and Check-out, […]

Professional RFID laundry tag for industrial laundry processes

Today, Laundry Chain / textile identification and sorting in industrial laundry processes can be greatly enhanced by using RFID technology. Tiny RFID tags attached or sewed to garments, uniforms, linens or mats the ownership of the items is securely defined. Textiles can be easily identified with support of RFID technology, with amazing advantages for industrial […]

Anti-counterfeiting RFID Tag for Brand Protection

Successful brand is established by years of product development, marketing, public relations and all the related expenses etc. With all these efforts, companies take all possible steps in brand protection take for granted. One of the biggest risks that any successful brand faces is someone produce a replica product using their styling, or designs. The […]

RFID Tag for Animal Management and Identification

RFID Animal Management and Identification, a worldwide market, grows about 30% every year. RFID technology today identifies several hundred millions animals, such as pigs, sheep, goats, cows, deer, horses, fish and pigeons. RFID provides benefits over barcodes, such as not requiring a line-of-sight between the tag and reader, and the ability to read RFID tags […]