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Event Entry Wristband – Fabric, Tyvek, Vinyl & Plastic Wristbands

Event Entry Wristband - Fabric, Tyvek, Vinyl & Plastic Wristbands

We often see customers charged with the task of organizing large, comprehensive affairs or functions that require event entry wristbands. Festival wristbands provide the ultimate in security for events, they are unique, fully customization and extremely difficult to replicate. Wristbands offer benefits such as monitoring capacity, allotting redemption tickets for food and drink, granting space […]

How do RFID Wristbands Work? – HUAYUAN RFID Wristband

How do RFID Wristbands Work - HUAYUAN RFID Wristband

Ever wondered how do RFID wristbands work? We often meet questions about how RFID technology really works. Therefore, today, we will explain RFID in an easy-to-understand way. Before we begin to explain how RFID wristbands work, it is important to understand how to distinguish between non-RFID and RFID-enable wristbands. RFID-enabled wristbands look like standard holiday […]

Smart Bin Tag for RFID Waste Management

Smart Bin Tag for RFID Waste Management

RFID Waste Management disposal is constantly increased for many reasons: increasing wealth (the more you buy the more you’ll dispose), increasing population, increasing urbanization and lifestyle change, just to cite some, causing serious problems to the environment. On the other hand, waste can be a valuable resource if addressed correctly with consistent waste management practices. […]

RFID Laundry Tag for Industrial Laundry Processes

Today, Laundry chain / textile identification and sorting in industrial laundry processes can be greatly enhanced by using RFID technology. RFID laundry tags attached or sewed to garments, uniforms, linens or mats the ownership of the items is securely defined. Textiles can be easily identified with support of RFID technology, with amazing advantages for industrial […]