Event Entry Wristband – Fabric, Tyvek, Vinyl & Plastic Wristbands

Event Entry Wristband - Fabric, Tyvek, Vinyl & Plastic Wristbands

We often see customers charged with the task of organizing large, comprehensive affairs or functions that require event entry wristbands. Festival wristbands provide the ultimate in security for events, they are unique, fully customization and extremely difficult to replicate. Wristbands offer benefits such as monitoring capacity, allotting redemption tickets for food and drink, granting space for advertising and promotion, and much more. But one of the most popular uses for wristbands is that of tracking admission.

Entry bracelets provide users with a fast and efficient way of regulating patrons in attendance at an event. Whether this is for free, paid, or special access, wristbands allow an event organizer to visually confirm whether someone has been admitted rightfully or not. By using either our stock or custom entry wristbands such as fabric, Tyvek®, vinyl, or plastic, admission can be easily determined since these bands are one-time use and cannot be transferred/reused. This means once the band is applied to the recipient, it cannot be removed without being destroyed. This ensures all guests present with a wristband have gone through the proper channels of gaining entry.

Fully customizable Event Entry Wristbands from HUAYUAN

Are you looking for a security festival wristband for event, concerts or party? With more than decades years, HUAYUAN has provided fabric RFID wristbands for music festivals and other events around the world. A variety of exterior sizes and materials can meet different needs according to customers’ preferences, provide a variety of choices for corporate, festivals and trade shows activities promotion, RFID experimental marketing events.

Classic RFID Fabric Wristband

  1. Classic festival wristband with RFID smartcard
  2. Custom logo printing, barcodes, variable data
  3. Various locks for choose
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Fabric RFID X-band

  1. RFID X-band with invisible smart tag
  2. Soft and more comfortable
  3. Various choice of security locks
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Eco Friendly RFID Festival Wristband

  1. Eco RFID wristband with recycled wood smart tag
  2. Plastic barrel lock with bamboo shell
  3. Custom printing and variable data
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Satin Security Wristband

  1. High security with secure locker
  2. Eco-friendly and passed reach
  3. Satin band easy to dry, best choice in waterpark
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Event Custom Fabric Wristbands

  1. Classic festival wristband available in woven or printed
  2. Barcode & variable data printed on non RFID card
  3. Woven or printed serialization
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Paper Wristbands for Events

  1. Classic single-day paper wristband
  2. 13 stock base colors
  3. Non-transferable, cost-effective, waterproof
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Plastic & Vinyl Wristbands

  1. Waterproof, flexible and durable material
  2. Recommended for multi-day events
  3. Different colors and shapes
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HUAYUAN offers a variety of event wristbands, but only you know well which one is best for you. We proudly provide the fastest turnaround time in the festival wristbands industry. No matter what your special needs are, we can ship them in a short time.