How RFID Wristbands Are Going Change The Transportation Industry

How RFID Wristbands Are Going Change The Transportation Industry

For those who do not know what RFID wristbands are, they are essentially an identification technology worn on the wrist.

RFID wristbands can quickly and effectively authenticate your identity, authorize access to facilities or resources, and store massive amounts of data, while at the same time are lightweight. RFID silicone wristbands have been used by organizations all over the world (for example, resorts and leisure centers). But today, we will specifically study how they have recently changed the transportation industry. The RFID wristbands has the following 3 functions. If you want to learn more about this innovative technology, please check following.


Believe it or not, RFID bracelets can be used to sell on public transportation. People can buy RFID silicone wristbands from local transportation facilities and transfer the credit to this portable device. From here, they can first purchase any future trips. This means that as long as you tap your wrist on the reader next time, you will be immediately granted access to transportation facilities. This clever technology can also store information about a person’s remaining credit limit on their shipping account, thereby preventing customers who have not paid for their travel expenses from continuing to work. RFID bracelets are useful when children travel to school, because if parents have already deposited enough credit in their account, they don’t have to worry about paying. This technology can also be combined with free school transportation plans.


One of the main disadvantages of taking public transportation is the formation of queues during peak hours. For people who need to go to work or date on time, this is a nightmare. Fortunately, RFID bracelets can help us overcome this problem by providing a fast and convenient ticketing system. As we mentioned before, people can pay for travel in advance, thus avoiding queues in front of the automatic ticket machine. You also don’t need to fumble for a travel pass, just tap your wrist on the reader. RFID readers will also prevent anyone who has not paid from entering, thereby reducing costs and improving security. Therefore, transportation facilities no longer need to worry about the formation of queues during peak hours. The transportation RFID wristband will keep passengers unblocked, avoid bottlenecks and potential delays.


Another highlight of RFID wristband is that they are contactless. Now, with the implications of a global pandemic, we must avoid contact points (which are common in public transportation) to slow the spread of the coronavirus, so contactless technology is more important than ever. This will help us improve our sanitation. Another advantage of contactless RFID wristband is that they allow us to complete cashless sales. This means that people no longer need to worry about touching with their hands or losing money from the cash register.

These are just some of the selected reasons why RFID silicone bracelets will revolutionize the transportation industry. We look forward to integrating this smart technology into public transportation facilities around the world.

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