Loyalty and VIP Programs Wearable Silicone RFID Wristbands

Loyalty and VIP Programs Wearable Silicone RFID Wristbands

As for the rapid development of RFID technology, there are many different types of RFID products, like RFID card, RFID wristband, RFID key fob, RFID tag, etc. However, RFID silicone wristband, which is waterproof, food-grade silicone material, comfortable and easy to wear. It is an ideal loyalty and VIP programs for Gym, Waterpark, Club and SPA. Wearable silicone RFID wristbands can realize the loyalty management like access control, locker management and cashless payment. It provides consumers with a one-stop service.

RFID Case: For Gym, Fitness Center

More and more gyms, stadiums, and leisure centers are using RFID wristbands for membership management and access control instead of traditional cards and key fobs. Wristbands provide a lot of flexibility for gyms.

The RFID silicone wristband is worn on the wrist to ensure that the wristband is always kept with the member, allowing easy access to the desired area. Since members do not have to search for their keychains frequently when entering different areas, members have more time to train and use the facility. The RFID silicone wristband is a completely sealed device and is completely waterproof, which means that members can wear the wristband while swimming and bathing without damaging the device. you can swim in the swimming pool or running machine by wearing RFID silicone bracelet. Members can bound their personal information to the RFID wristband for tracking and evaluating each person’s exercise plan. Meanwhile, customers can bound your credit card with smart bracelet, who can make small payment, like beverage consumption.

By using wearable silicone RFID wristbands, the Gym can simplify the visit process for customers and employees. This reduces the pressure on reception staff, frees them up to accept more bookings, and provides better overall service. Most importantly, by simplifying your customers’ access control system, you can improve their overall gym experience and increase the likelihood that they will renew their membership with you.

RFID wristbands also provide brand promotion opportunities for your company, which can be customized according to your Gym’s LOGO, color and name. Wristbands of this brand can be a badge of honor for people who participate in your gym. Through this visual presentation of your stadium, your venue name will be spread and business will improve.

RFID Case: For Waterpark, Theme Park

The RFID technology has found its own niche market in theme parks. High-tech RFID silicone bracelet serve as high-security admission passes, cashless debit cards, hotel room keys, and a kind of form identity recognition for separated children.

In Orlando, Florida, Walt Disneyland, after wearing the RFID silicone wristband, visitors tap the ears of Corn Dog and Mickey Mouse, a signal will sent out, prompting you to enter without waiting in line. The RFID deployment makes it unnecessary for tourists to wander in front of the entrance revolving door, exchange paper tickets, and then decide which car to take, or use cash or credit cards to buy food and goods. Guests traveling to Orlando can also pre-register RFID wristbands. And these RFID wristbands can be used as room keys, parking tickets, FastPass and cashless payment.

Disney is not the first resort company to use RFID wristbands. However, as a global theme park, Disney is large enough to influence the behavior of consumers around the world. Since cashless consumption is more convenient, industry reports show that tourists using wristbands can increase spending by up to 25% in resorts and parks.

Disney has always been committed to improving the visitor experiences, and hopes to collect as much information as possible on visitor preferences for future sales activities, so as to more effectively attract more people to spend their leisure time in Disney Parks. RFID effectively helps Disney collect this information, improve its products, and customize its marketing strategy. RFID not only helps Disney understand the guest experience better, it also helps manage the workforce more effectively.

HUAYUAN: Wearable Silicone RFID Wristbands Supplier

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