Medical ID RFID Wristband Improves Patient Safety and Comfort

Medical ID RFID Wristband Improves Patient Safety and Comfort - HUAYUAN RFID

For the management system of hospital patients, medical wristbands or bracelets are one of the important carriers.

In the past, hospitals usually use disposable paper-printed bracelets with handwritten or printed barcodes to store information such as patient names and admission time. When checking or infusing the patient, the doctor can scan the bar code and information on the wristband to check whether there is an error.

However, barcodes must be aligned one by one before they can be scanned. Each patient scans one by one, which has a certain impact on the efficiency of medical treatment. The information by handwritten were checked visually, which takes long time and easily makes mistakes. Therefore, it is difficult to completely avoid misunderstandings or misjudgments due to similar information, which leads to medical accidents.

Barcode Wristbands VS RFID ID Wristbands

With the continuous advancement of medical reforms in recent years, the continuous improvement of people’s health awareness, requirements for medical efficiency and medical service quality, more and more hospitals of all levels have gradually adopted more efficient, accurate, and humane medical management techniques and measures, to improve the appearance of medical services and the relationship between doctors and patients.

RFID technology attracts the attention of hospitals in all regions and levels. RFID technology not only effectively used in the hospital equipment management, but also in patient management. RFID technology implementation takes a step forward in achieving intelligent medical care. Compared with the old medical wristbands, RFID ID wristbands have obvious advantages in applications, like:

1, The information of handwritten or printed barcode bracelet cannot be modified. The bracelet is a disposable product and cannot be reused, which increases the burden of medical waste, and affects the realization of modern and eco-friendly medical development.

The medical RFID ID wristband can be rewritten. The data stored in the RFID chip can be added, modified, and deleted countless times. It is convenient for updating information and can also achieve barrier-free reading.

2, Traditional barcode wristband is easily damaged. If the information is damaged or unclear, it will seriously affect the usage, and waste time and resources to replace and write again.

Since the data stored in the RFID chip, the RFID wristband’s surface will not affect information reading. As long as there is no internal damage, it can be recycled for several years.

3, RFID wristband receives and feeds back information through its internal RFID tag, and can also be encrypted and protected, so the information is effectively protected and not easily leaked, which protects the privacy of patients and the information security of the hospital.

4, In the past, barcode wristbands had to be scanned and read one by one with a device to obtain information. They could not be recognized by mobile phones, and their monitoring capabilities were relatively weak. The medical RFID wristband can monitor whether the patient is in the ward through the ability of remote reading and multi-tag group reading, which can realize regional positioning management, so that medical treatment can be better intelligently managed, more convenient, and reduce the personnel cost and reach the paperless e-work etc

HUAYUAN Printable RFID ID Wristbands

In terms of cost, the disposable medical bracelet is relatively low, which reduces hospital operating charge. However, with the gradual popularization of RFID technology, the cost of RFID wristband has also fallen sharply. In addition to its characteristics that it can be reused for many years, the cost of operation per unit time is already low, and many hospitals have begun to gradually deployed RFID technology to replace the original paper or barcode system.

HUAYUAN Electronic has launched a series of printable RFID wristbands used in the medical and health care field to enhance patients’ safety and comfort. A complete RFID ID bands can be provided to the health care industry to meet the needs of individual patients and to suit specific hospital environments and hospital stays. Healthcare professionals will benefit from optimal flexibility and cost-effectiveness when choosing RFID wristbands. In the meantime, due to accurate data collection and identification, patient safety can be ensured at all times. The design of the RFID bracelet is comfortable to wear, non-irritating to the skin, and worry-free and convenient for patients.

High-quality printable RFID bracelets are most suitable for long-term hospitalized patients, both elderly and babies. Our hospital ID bands are super soft, using thermal transfer printing technology with clear and firm printing effect, which can be used for three weeks continuously.

RFID hospital ID band can be selected either thermal printed or thermal transfer printed. The RFID bracelet can be fixed with tamper proof clasps or adhesives to prevent the wristband from being transferred.

HUAYUAN printable RFID wristbands provide medical institutions with high autonomy and provide patients with excellent safety. Hospital staff can use RFID readers or mobile devices to trace and track patients, thereby minimizing the need to interfere with patient for data collection. RFID technology is also a useful tool for managing access rights to departments or wards.

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