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Custom PVC Key Tag Cards

PVC Key Tag Card is a very common marketing method to distribute VIP cards in store promotions, to achieve brand promotion, membership management and promote customers loyalty, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, GYM, hairdressing and beauty.

Plastic Common Key Tag Cards

Plastic combo cards are special-shaped PVC cards, also called key tag cards. Different from the CR80 standard cards, combo card is kind of a non-standard card and can be divided into snap off cards and 3-in-1 cards. There is a perforation line at the connection of the combo card, which can be easily snapped off and turned into 2 or 3 separate cards. The standard card is suitable to put into a wallet, and the small card is punched hole and can be attached to the key chain. It brings convenience to customers and also increases the exposure of the company.

Professional Plastic Card Manufacturer

HUAYUAN is a professional plastic card manufacturer with 20+ years of experience in card making, and has a variety of molds to give customers more choices. For plastic combo cards, we use the highest quality materials and adopt advanced production technology to ensure that the joints are more detailed and smooth. Our sales team and design department will work closely with you to create the perfect plastic card combination.