Silicone Inserted EMV Chip Pocket Payment Wristband

With customer expectations changing, the post-COVID-19 business model is evolving and contactless payments continue to be popular, Businesses need built-in efficiencies, including automatic data and accounting sharing, streamlining processes, saving time and reducing errors, and businesses need to see revenue across all sales channels more clearly. EMV pocket wristbands are a popular solution for businesses looking for effective ways to engage with their end customers.

EMV Pocket Silicone Wristbands

EMV chip pocket payment wristband is a new way to pay without credit card. HUAYUAN EMV payment bracelet is designed with a pocket that can be inserted into a wearable device.

This is a complete solution that provides all the features of EMV contactless cards, in a series of innovative and interesting formats. Moreover, this is a great tool to increase security for open-loop EMV payments and accept more merchants and points of sale.

China EMV Pocket Silicone Wristband Supplier

HUAYUAN can help you customize the mold for the wristband design. For high-end financial customers, the open silicone wristband can be designed according to the customer's own design or according to the customer's consciousness. The design also considers the customer's small mini card combine.

The pocket silicone wristband will be processed with top-grade German food-grade silicone material, which has a softer feel, a more delicate and smooth surface, and will not deform and wear for a long time.