Epoxy RFID Keyfob

The keyfob is an extended product of ordinary ISO cards, compact and easy to carry. How to make a nice and durable keychain at the lowest cost? Epoxy RFID keyfob is the right choice, it looks stylish, can attract customers’ attention and enhance the company’s image.


Smart Epoxy Tag RFID Key Fobs

Huayuan provides RFID epoxy keyfobs, using high-quality transparent epoxy resin with exquisite printing to create beautiful, waterproof and moisture-proof, and cubic sense epoxy keychains, and customized sizes and shapes are also welcome.

RFID Epoxy keychain is one of the most popular keychains on the market. It is widely used in fitness club membership management, access control, time and attendance systems, transportation payment, social media, brand promotion and so on.

Why Choose HUAYUAN

1, Use high-strength and high-quality epoxy material, the color is more transparent, long-term use no yellow, wear-resistant and drop-resistant;

2, Support customized printing such as offset printing and silk screen printing, as well as variable data coding;

3, Support single-sided epoxy and double-sided epoxy;

4, Has hundreds of shapes for customers to choose from, and supports customized sizes and shapes, and low mold cost;

5, Support 125KHz, 13.56MHz and 860~960MHz chips;

6, Fast delivery and good packaging ensure timely delivery to customers.