RFID Label Tag for Sports

Sports & Entertainment RFID combined RFID technology brings great convenience for sports and entertainment applications. RFID entrance tickets are showing in more and more situations covering global sports events and entertainment parks nowadays. Therefore, the Sports and the leisure RFID solution has been attached more importance by the public.

A major goal of every sports & entertainment facility is to deliver an perfect experience to its guests. Every event aims to find ways to further involve visitors to become more interactive, distribute marketing collateral and provide an overall personalized experience.

RFID technology can be applied to make exhibits more interactive and personalized. Event content can be electronically to every patron via RFID wristbands to ensure every marketing message is communicated. All activity is logged in a database and associated to each unique visitor, providing event managers with value data at the end of every event.

Sports rfid

HUAYUAN offers a series of RFID products which considers both high performance and athletes’ comfort, enabling participants to completely concentrate on the race without compromising on convenience.

By using BeeTag RAIN Marathon Tag, it can provide the industry standard results that timers and athletes around the world come to enjoy and rely upon. HUAYUAN BeeTag RAIN Marathon Tags provide an eco-friendly choice for event organizers looking to improve their carbon footprint, whether with passive or active, reusable tags. Even more, BeeTag RAIN Marathon Tags enhance the quality of every race experience for timers, race directors, participants, fans, volunteers, and support staff.

HUAYUAN offers a range of products for sports & entertainment:

– Long Range MiGHTAG Wristband
– UHF RFID Wristbands
– RFID Contactless Tickets

For more details, please email: Marketing@huayuansh.com

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