HUAYUAN is professional in R&D various RFID Industrial Tag depend on your projects. Our industrial RFID Tags are widely used in asset tracking, industrial automation, supply chain management, etc.

RFID Industrial Tag Key Features

– Unsurpassed Quality: Fully automated manufacturing and direct-bonding technology ensure RFID tag reliability.
– Practically Limitless Options: Choose from a broad range of standard sizes and integrated chips, or customize to fit any applications.
– Rugged Reliability: Workable under harsh environment. Good performance in the extreme environment such as high temperature, wafer, chemic solutions etc

Our mainly RFID Industrial Tag Range

RFID Animal Tag
RFID Cable Tie Tag
RFID Disc Tag
Laundry Tag
RFID Tag On Metal
RFID Token
RFID Sucker Tag
RFID Smart Tag
RFID Tire Tag
Waste Bin Tag

Optional Produce

– Laser process of logos
– Laser process of serial number, UID number
– Encoding
– Logo printing

Chip Available

– 125KHz RFID: EM4102, EM4100, GK4001; EM4550,EM4105, EM4069; T5577; Hitag1, Hitag2, Hitag S256
– 13.56Mhz ISO14443A: NXP MIFARE Classic® 1K, MIFARE Classic® 4K, MIFARE Utralight®, MIFARE Ultralight® EV1, MIFARE Ultralight® C, Mifare® Desfire® EV1 2K,Mifare® Desfire® EV1 4K, Mifare® Desfire® EV1 8K, Mifare Plus® etc
– 13.56Mhz ISO18092: NTAG® 203,NTAG® 213,NTAG® 215,NTAG® 216, Topaz512 etc
– 13.56Mhz ISO15693: ICODE SLI, Tag-it 2048
– 868MHz-915Mhz UHF: Higgs3, Higgs4, MONZA4, MONZA5, MONZA R6, MONZA R6-P, UCODE® 7 etc

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