RFID Wristbands for Family Entertainment Centers (FEC)

RFID Wristbands for FEC Family Entertainment Centers

Now more than ever, Family Entertainment Centers are using RFID wristbands not only as “tickets” to the park, but also as a way to pay and experience the park in new and exciting ways. There is no doubt that wearable wristbands have greatly improved the customer experience; there are no unsanitary coins and tickets to fumble with. Furthermore, there is no risk of waiting due to ticket dust and coin jams. Additionally, and this is important, business owners can understand the actual spending habits of their guests and gain detailed data that can be used to drive future business decisions, such as upsell promotions for customers in a specific spending range and low revenue periods for demand generation promotions running during that time. This has the power to change the business.

How Do RFID Wristbands Drive FEC Growth

Brand Enhancement

If you have a wearable RFID wristband and people are willing to wear it outside your venue. This will increase brand exposure and may also grab the attention of people around them, exposing new people to the brand. This creates word-of-mouth publicity in your community for your family entertainment center, increasing exposure and awareness of your brand.

Increase spending

RFID technology can also minimize the time customers spend waiting for play. This enhances the customer experience by making it easier to transact and increasing the time spent enjoying what the venue has to offer. The better the customer experience is the more likely customers are to top up their FEC RFID wristband and spend money in your venue.

Drive Return Visits

Wearable RFID Wristbands are lasting reminders of a specific venue and jog the customers’ memory. Having an RFID wristband means they don’t waste any time setting up their account, they can just top up their credit and jump right in. Another benefit of RFID wristbands is that they store reward tickets digitally. Being recorded digitally, customers are encouraged to save up for a big prize and keep returning until they reach that goal, not wanting to waste the tickets they’ve already earned.

Customer Loyalty

In a competitive market, family entertainment centers often battle for customer loyalty. RFID wristbands offer a great opportunity to create comfort and awareness for customers. By using and keeping FEC RFID wristbands, they are more likely to return to your venue rather than go elsewhere.

Another element of building loyalty through RFID technology is a loyalty program using RFID Armbands. Enabling customers to achieve goals recorded through RFID bracelets and receive rewards for doing so encourages customers to return and commit to achieving their goals and receiving rewards.

Ready to Try RFID Wristbands on your FEC?

Of course, these are just some ways RFID wristbands can be used in FECs and provide key benefits. As a professional wristband manufacturer, we’ve been working with companies around the world to provide high-quality RFID FEC wristbands and come printed with your branding, custom features and secure encoding.

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