RFID brings benefits throughout the automotive industry. RFID Automotive can simplify the supply chain, car rental services, and vehicle fleet management.

RFID Automotive system enables automatic deduction of toll charges. It allows car rental and car washing agencies to retrieve information such as identification and tracking of the vehicle without comparing with other vehicles. It enables vehicle identification in a parking space. It identifies and tracks the unauthorized vehicle. The RFID System is operated only from a specific distance.

Target Application

– Car identification
– Automation and monitor throughout the manufacturing process
– Support Lean management and improve operational efficiency
– Manage the flow of parts’ containers
– Manage the maintenance of machines, tools an robots in compliance with ISO standards and other standards specific to the automotive industry

HUAYUAN offers a range of RFID products:

RFID Windshield Tag
Stretch Tyre Rain Tag
Rain RFID Tyre Tag
Rain Tire Tag HYTT01

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