HUAYUAN RFID has been widely used for Media & Document Management applications. Your business can benefit substantially from cost savings and increased sales, customer acquisition, retention etc. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is rapidly changing and improving many aspects of our life from clothes we wear and food we eat to the whole document management, industry operations. We can not live in such a convenient way without RFID.

To accomplish the efficient documents management, RFID systems can save time and effort and thus increase efficiency, particularly in locating documents. HUAYUAN has developed RFID tags which are perfectly designed for automatic Media & Document Management, control of document stock and comprehensive tracking of documents. The same benefits are also well achievable in the media management segment.

Document Management


– Built-in Security
– High-speed inventory speeds up sorting and re-shelving
– Faster scanning of the data stored on the RFID tag
– reduction in financial and legal impact associated with losing documents
– A longer lifecycle than a barcode RFID document-tracking systems

HUAYUAN offers a range of RFID products for Media & Document Management applications

Flexible NFC Label
RFID Reader

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