Logistics and Supply Chain RFID management has capacity to major develop global logistic and supply chain and increase overall efficiency by automating the identification processes. The need for real-time inventory at all stages is a continuous requirement for logistics, IT managers and operators involved in the supply chain.

Supply Chain

HUAYUAN cost-effective RFID Labels and Tags that provide logistics solutions for increased visibility, accuracy and security, starting at the point of manufacture. The payoff of our smarter&faster method is accelerated logistics and supply chain RFID performance and increasing margins.

Item-level labeling provides increased visibility of products, no matter they are in a case, pallet, container or truck. In the warehousing, delivering and receiving of RFID labelled products, RFID readers installed at entrance and exit portals, and mounted on vehicles as well, which help automate logistics processes.

Benefits to RFID including end-to-end track and trace capabilities reducing theft, counterfeiting, charge-back fees and billing disputes while brand protection process. Detailed information for example manufacturing location, delivery date and lot number associated with the individual product, carton/pallet supports product tracing and tracking processes.

HUAYUAN offers a range of Logistics and Supply Chain products

RFID Inlays
Rain RFID Labels
RFID Antenna

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