Apparel Retail competition is fierce. Consumers expect to get the right product in the right place at the right time. Different customer experience expectation increasing the challenges which a growing number of retailers are facing. Many of them reply on new enabling technologies as wireless in-store technologies, cloud-based services, and RFID.

Item-level RFID offers significant benefits for improved apparel supply chain and inventory management, including inventory accuracy, decrease in inventory count time, reduced man hours required for restocking, improved customer service with increased man hours available for customer interaction, increased in-stock position and shelf level accuracy and more efficient back room replenishment. Item-level RFID allows retailers to complement existing systems while gathering more information throughout the whole application. Systems with the power to update the information that moves with an individual product provide complete visibility.

HUAYUAN thoroughly understand the pain points and new processes and technology that help you manage your apparel inventory with a new level of efficiency. Without a clear picture of your current inventory and methods for responding to needed actions, your customer service is impacted, your costs are higher because you have to carry excess stock, and your profits are lower due to sales lost to out-of-stocks.

HUAYUAN offers a range of Appare & Retail RFID products:

Flexible NFC Label
BeeTag Rain Apparel Tag
BeeTag Rain Woven Label
RFID Reader

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