Waste Management RFID Waste Bin Tags

RFID Waste Management disposal is constantly increased for many reasons: increasing wealth (the more you buy the more you’ll dispose), increasing population, increasing urbanization and lifestyle change, just to cite some, causing serious problems to the environment.

On the other hand, waste can be a valuable resource if addressed correctly with consistent waste management practices. Benefits are economic (recycle to reduce raw material usage), social (reduce health impact, preserve natural resource for future generations) and environmental (reducing, reusing and recycling waste decrease the adverse impact on air and water quality and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions).

For these reasons a correct waste management and recycle process is crucial for both public and private companies that are looking at the technology to improve the overall processes.

RFID Waste Management

RFID waste management helps a lot to increase efficiency of the waste management operations. To realize this application, a properly designed rugged RFID tag is attached to the waste bins. It contains all users / owners information. It provides fast and reliable identification and data collection aimed to improve all the stages of the waste management and recycling process. Another important advantage comes with the ability to use the collected data in order to certify the process, improve the route plan, elaborate statistics and reward the most virtuous users.

RFID is able to cover the market request for the main waste and recycling industry applications mixing RAIN RFID, GPRS and GPS technologies.

HUAYUAN’s RFID Waste Bin Tags are available in LF 125kHz,13.56Mhz and optional UHF.

Benefits of RFID Waste Management:

– Manageability of inventory of trash cans and bins
– Maintenance records for replacement or repair of trash cans
– Provides a way to track necessary information needed for recycling including rewards programs

HUAYUAN offers a range of RFID Waste Management products:

– RFID Card
– RFID Wheelie Bin Tag
– PVC Waste Bin Tag
– BeeTag RFID Label
– UHF RFID Reader

For further details, please email: Marketing@huayuansh.com

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